Instantly create and manage access control policies, proactively review code for threats, and enforce data governance throughout your entire organization.

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Comprehensive Security for Enterprises

The days of multiple vendors and endless complexity are over.

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Advanced Identity and Access Control

Enforce policies with attribute and role based access control technique in SQL/NoSQL data storage.

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Automatically review code for threats

SecureDL checks all code for threats instantly, before it's deployed.

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Data Governance

Comply easily with data privacy regulations, such as, GDPR and HIPAA. Analyze data and logic lineage throughout your entire organization with customizable graphs.

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Usability and Interoperability

Instantly connect to any existing SQL or Big Data infrastructure.

Built for maximum security.

SecureDL complex policy - example
SecureDL ProActive defence in action
SecureDL audit and governance friendly architecture

Customer centric

Avoid multiple vendors, products, and complexity. SecureDL is the first customer centric security company that allows customers to focus on what they do best.

Cutting edge enterprise security

NSF Funded

National Science Foundation funded company

Patented Technologies

Multiple patents on breakthrough intrusion detection techniques previously unseen in research or industry

Open Source

Our core proactive analyzers are open sourced - GitHub

Research Driven

Research driven company focused on maximizing value