Instantly create a secure collaborative environment to link records, build a better machine learning model, and increase your existing machine learning model's accuracy, efficiency, and ROI.

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Comprehensive Secure Computation for Enterprises

Securely and easily combine data and improve the accuracy of your models

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Privately Link Records Across Organization

Connect records from different sources securely

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Automatically Link Data and Build ML Models Securely

Link data automatically and build machine learning models on the linked data.

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End to End Secure

DST EncryptedCompute is end-to-end secure. Data at every stage of the processing is encrypted

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No PII Leaves On-Prem

EncryptedCompute generates different no-identifiable random token for each session for each PII.

Built for maximum security.

SecureCompute - Multi-party session example

Customer centric

Our solution is fully automated with REST API for easy integration with existing products. DataSecTech's SecureCompute is the first collaborative computation product that allows customers to focus on what they do best.

Cutting edge secure and private computation platform

NIH Funded

National Institute of Health funded company

Patented Technologies

Multiple patents on breakthrough intrusion detection techniques previously unseen in research or industry

Research Driven

Research driven company focused on maximizing value